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How to use this page:

The first map below shows the four suggested seat locations, marked as "bull's-eyes" and labeled A to D.
Click on each bull's-eye to see the view from that location.

Once you've viewed the options, please enter your preferences in the response form below.

The Google Map at the bottom of the page enables you to suggest an alternative location(s).



Response Form

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My seat location preferences:
  • To assign a preference to locations on the map above, use A, B, C, D
  • To assign a preference to your own suggested location below, use M
  • To assign preferences to any further locations you suggest in the comments section below, use the letters N, O, P
Please enter at least two preferences
I would like to suggest the following location M:    Obtain coordinates from the Google map below.
(including more suggested alternative locations if you wish)

Once you have filled in the form, click the "Submit" button.
If your submission has been successful, the form will be replaced by an acknowledgement.
If an acknowledgement is not displayed, please supply the missing information indicated in red on the form.


Suggest an alternative location(s) on the Google map below

Use the standard Google Map features to zoom in and out and switch between map and satellite views to home in on your location with the cross-hair cursor. Click on your selected location. The latitude and longitude of your location is then displayed in the box below.

Copy the latitude and longitude and paste them into the space provided on the response form.

Selected location:                                        


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